March 4, 2021

We are dressing our clients up at the Eaton HK

Originally located at The Temple of Feminization on Lamma Island, we've moved to the Eaton HK Hotel in Yau Ma Tei. At the Eaton HK, clients will have a private room for the entire length of the makeover, with up to six hours to enjoy the room, take photos, or hang out. The cost of the room is included in the makeover package. Clients meet their beautician in the hotel lobby, and Gloss HK will handle the rest. There are never any hidden fees with Gloss HK.

“The Eaton HK is extremely LGBTQ+ friendly and hosts many drag events and unique workshops of all sorts. They are excited to host Gloss HK clients and have pretty crossdressers taking photos around their hotel,” said Scarlett Sensi, founder of Gloss HK and a crossdresser from the United States.

Gloss HK is a small collective of open-minded beauticians in Hong Kong specializing in turning men into women aesthetically and documenting the process by taking photos with the client’s camera choice, maintaining utmost discretion. Gloss HK also gave their website a makeover. With different wardrobe options, including high heels, boots, lingerie, stockings, panties, bras, corsets, wigs, breast forms, etc., there are options for every taste. Gloss HK now offers brand new, high-quality French maid uniforms allowing clients to be a pretty little maid for the day.

Gloss HK offers three makeover packages. The Lite Makeover package gives a little taste of the feminine with two hours of dress-up and make-up, the Full Makeover offers three hours as well as an in-room and full hotel photoshoot, and the Deluxe Makeover is a five-hour evening that also includes a manicure and restaurant experience.

“Every one of the Gloss Girls has a deep appreciation for femininity,” Sensi said. “We are very open-minded and have seen it all. We love creating convincing passable results for our clients and will never judge you for your interests.”

For more information, visit our ABOUT US page. Thank you.

Scarlett Sensi

Hi, I'm Scarlett and I created the original Gloss HK Studio. I have always been attracted to anything considered counterculture, which is why crossdressing has stood out to me for as long as I can remember. I love how it makes most (western) people uncomfortable by provoking unique thoughts and feelings; crossdressing is weird, unusual, beautiful, and especially artistic. I created this collective out of my love for raw femininity, to empower those who are open-minded enough to let go of their ego and embrace empathy. We empower our beauticians to create an experience you won't find elsewhere. We love femininity here and can't wait to see how it looks on you! Do you like walking on the wild side? We're going to make you love it.