Who is right for a Gloss makeover?

Gloss is a great fit for any crossdresser, regardless of experience. Clients from all over the world come to us to find peace, feel empathy from within, and get in touch with their feminine side. Our clients range from CDs who have been dressing up for decades and comfortable being in public, to the timid guy who has never been fully dressed en femme. Our makeovers are suited to the MTF spectrum, but not limited to curious femboys, devoted sissies, drag queens, transitioning people, even biological females. The commonality? They all love the full experience, the end result, and the value they find from visiting Gloss. We'll show you your true femme potential and have a good time doing so!

Who is welcome at Gloss?

Everybody is welcome at Gloss, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, etc. Come see us and we will femme you up!


who books the room?

We take care of everything. The price of your room-booking is included in the package; there are no hidden fees. The price you see is the price you pay for the entire experience!

How do I pay the deposit?

After completing and submitting the Booking Form, your makeover is PENDING. We will check our schedule with your chosen beautician, to see if she is available for your requested time/day. (If not, we will check that she is available on your secondary time/day.) Once she accepts the appointment, your makeover is now APPROVED, and you will receive a confirmation email and deposit invoice. After you pay the deposit, your time slot is secured and your makeover moves from APPROVED to BOOKED. You’re all set!

when do I pay the remaining total?

Bring the remaining balance of your makeover fee in cash, in an envelope, ready to give to your beautician once you’re in the privacy of your booked room. DO NOT hand her the cash in the lobby. We aim to maintain full discretion for our Gloss clients; this means being inconspicuous to the public eye. Whether you’re open about crossdressing or not, we are protecting our future clientele.

Is the deposit mandatory for booking my makeover?

Yes, a deposit is required to reserve your chosen day/time for both your beautician and the hotel room. It is payable via PayPal invoice, a trusted & secure payment platform that accepts most major credit and debit cards. Some clients prefer to pay the full makeover fee upfront to avoid handling cash, but this is not mandatory or expected. You may request this option at any time during the booking process and we will send you the adjusted invoice.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is calculated by the package you choose:
The Lite Makeover requires a $1,200 deposit. ($600 per hour)
The Full Makeover requires a $1,500 deposit. ($500 per hour)
The Deluxe Makeover requires a $2,000 deposit. ($400 per hour)

I submitted the Booking Form. When can I expect a reply?

We will reply within 24 hours. If your day/time slot is available for both the hotel and chosen beautician, you will receive a confirmation email with the deposit invoice.

What if my chosen beautician isn’t available for my day/time slot?

We ask that you include a secondary date on the Booking Form (you’ll see it), but this field isn’t mandatory. We will reply within 24 hours with 3 options:

  1. If a different beautician is available for your chosen day/time slot, you can book your makeover with her instead.
  2. If you want to continue with your chosen beautician, we will find a common day/time availability that works for everyone.
  3. You may cancel your makeover and receive a full refund on your deposit.

Do you refund deposits?

We will only refund your deposit if we are not able to provide your first choice in beautician for the day/time slot you’ve selected.

How much time before my makeover can I cancel or change my appointment?

If you paid the makeover fee online in full, we will issue a refund minus the deposit fee, as long as you cancel at least 24 hours before your makeover. If you need to change your appointment date, you need to do so at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise we require another deposit.

Why do I need 2 days advance notice to book my makeover?

We require 48 hours notice in order to ensure everyone's schedule coincides; a rushed makeover is not an enjoyable makeover.

What if I want to stay overnight at the hotel?

Submit a Custom Request and we’ll set it up for you. Stay a while!

What if I already booked my accommodation at the Eaton HK?

Contact us and request a Gloss makeover to accompany your stay at the hotel.

I am staying at a different hotel. Can I get a makeover here?

We are only offering our makeover services here at the Eaton for now.

I’d like to bring another person to my makeover. Can I?

Contact us and we’ll figure it out. It ultimately depends on their involvement in your makeover, or if they’d like to be feminized as well.

makeover & photoshoot

What happened to the original Gloss wardrobe?

We moved out of the original makeover location, putting most of our wardrobe in storage in the process. When Eaton HK graciously agreed to help us by providing a location for beautifying our clients, we were overjoyed and found the maid uniforms to complete the hotel makeover theme.

I don’t want to be a maid. Can I bring my own outfit instead?

If you have your own outfit that you would like to bring, we encourage that as well! We love making our clients feel as comfortable as possible, so if you feel more comfortable in your own feminine clothes, wear those! We’ll still do your makeup and teach you how to pose for photos in various locations around the hotel depending on your makeover package. If you chose the Deluxe Makeover package, you’ll have enough time to wear your own outfit that you brought AND be a maid.

Do I have to check into the hotel myself?

Your beautician will handle the check-in process for you. All you have to do is meet her in the lobby and get comfortable; chat for a bit, get to know each other. Once everyone is at ease, she will lead you to the room to begin the makeover.

Is there a designated Gloss room at the hotel?

To maintain the highest level of discretion, each Gloss client will be given a different room number at random for their makeover. This ensures that no other guest will know who you are or why you’re here. Business as usual!

I want to stay dressed up for longer, while maintaining privacy. Can I extend my session time?

Yes! We created ‘Selfie Time’ for our clients who want to enjoy their new femme persona for a bit longer but aren’t ready to venture outside the privacy of their hotel room. For total discretion, book the Lite Makeover and add as many extra hours of ‘Selfie Time’ as you’d like. (Max booking is 6 hours total. This means that, even if you added a Manicure or Drag Makeup to your package too, your booking can’t exceed 6 hours without reserving the room for a full night. If you’d like to book a full night, talk to Scarlett. She’ll help you out!)

I’m so nervous. What if I’m quiet or awkward?

Don't worry, we get it! We've been part of the crossdressing scene for years and understand how society views this way of life. We're experienced in calming people down with vibes/music/jokes and are ready to take on the challenge. We are very open-minded and never judge you for what you’re into.

How should I prepare for my makeover?

For best results, we request that you shave your face as smooth as possible. This means shaving with the grain and then shaving against the grain. If you wish to skip the latter step due to irritation or sensitive skin, that’s okay! We also would like it if you shaved your legs too but understand if you cannot. Though if you've never shaved your legs before, we recommend trying it at least once! With or without a makeover, it is extremely freeing to experience the feminine feeling of rubbing your smooth legs together, especially while wearing stockings.

If I choose the Deluxe package, who pays for dinner?

You have the opportunity to take your lovely beautician out for a date at one of Eaton’s incredible restaurants! Why not treat her to dinner? After all, she did need to make BOTH of you pretty for the evening.

Can we go outside while I’m dressed up?

Absolutely! We encourage our clients to experience going outside dressed en femme. We understand this can be a bit scary to most crossdressers, especially the shy ones. But once you conquer that fear, you’ll be proud of yourself and consequently more confident!

Can I book multiple beauticians for the same appointment?

Yes you may! Request a CUSTOM MAKEOVER describing what you had in mind. We’ll do our best to create it for you.

Will you dominate me?

If you would like some friendly domination, book Natasha for your makeover. She is an experienced dominatrix, kink-friendly, and will treat you like her own dress-up doll and laugh at you while she turns your masculinity into femininity. Remember: she is the dominant one and you are the submissive one, NEVER the other way around.

Is there sex involved?

There is NO SEX involved. Our beauticians are respectful women and therefore demand the same respect from you. If you try to proposition your beautician for anything of sexual nature or disrespect her in any way, the session is over and you will be asked to leave the premises. We don’t tolerate creeps.

Can I incorporate shibari into my photoshoot?

We love the creative aspect of incorporating other kinky mediums into crossdressing! Gloss is friends with a few local shibari professionals who would love to be included in your makeover and photoshoot. Let us know what day/time you’d be interested in before filling out the Booking Form and we’ll set something up for you.

What kind of camera do you use for photo shooting?

To maintain client discretion, we use your camera/phone to make sure you are the only one who has access to your own photos.

Can I request a professional photographer for my photoshoot?

Absolutely! We are friends with a few local photographers, each with a different style of shooting. Every photographer we work with is open-minded and LGBT friendly. We can even promise you a female photographer to further put your mind at ease. Let us know and we’ll set it up for you.

Should I tip my beautician?

Gloss beauticians don’t expect you to tip. In HK’s culture, tipping is not mandatory. That being said, we will happily accept a tip as a confirmation of a job well done if you are fully satisfied with the results of your makeover. Our team puts a lot of hard work into every Gloss makeover. We believe in personal freedoms for every human; it’s your choice!

Will Scarlett be present for my makeover?

Scarlett is a busy bee and wishes she could be at every one of her beautiful clients’ makeovers! Unfortunately, she is outside of HK until further notice.

Will you have more outfits again in the future?

We are working on it! Scarlett is friends with a local costume designer and hopes to have a collaboration in store for 2021.

Where else in the world can I experience a Gloss makeover?

We are working on Gloss USA, which will be hosting makeovers somewhere in New England! Stay tuned…

confidentiality & billing

What if I get nervous about people seeing me dressed up, and I don't want to leave the room?

No problem! You don’t have to leave the hotel room if you don’t want to. The room is still yours for as much time as you booked with us, and you’re welcome to go back any time you want. Even though our locations are vetted for being EXTREMELY open-minded, we still maintain that our clients’ secrecy is key to comforting them. We encourage our clients to be proud of who they are, but that means letting them express themselves at their own pace. If you aren’t ready to be seen, we respect that and will make sure you won’t be seen.

Who will see my Booking Form?

Once you fill out the Booking Form and submit it with your deposit, it will be sent to Scarlett and your chosen beautician. Once your beautician approves the day/time availability, she will book a hotel room under the name ‘Gloss’. A confirmation email will then be sent to you with the required information. To put your mind at ease, everyone who views your submitted Booking Form is female.

Will my photos show up on social media?

Absolutely not! We will never post anyone’s session photos without asking for their permission first. Most of our website and social media photos consist of Scarlett being Feminized; we believe it provides an ample example of what to expect for a session with our Gloss beauticians.

Will you share my photos with anyone?

We mostly take client photos using their own camera/phone to ensure complete discretion. You have total control over your makeover photos. If you would like to be featured on our social media, feel free to contact us!

What will the deposit be billed as on my payment statement?

The charge will appear on your statement as Little Knife Limited or 'LK LIMITED'.