We are pleased to announce our new offering

Our friends at the Eaton Hotel graciously welcome Gloss clients for makeovers & photoshoots! Each client will have their own private hotel room for the duration of their makeover at no extra cost. You will have plenty of room to enjoy your femme persona with unique backgrounds for stunning photoshoots.

We are so excited, we went and found the perfect outfit to fit the hotel theme. We bring you...

hotel maid makeovers

We got our hands on a set of classic french maid uniforms and can't wait to see how they look on you! We’ll be dressing our clients up as sexy maids, doing their makeup, and taking their photos around the hotel. You’ll be able to enjoy a meal at one of Eaton's four award-winning restaurants while fully feminized.

Take your Gloss beautician out to dinner while dressed to the nines!


Get a little taste of femininity, just the basics to dip your toes in.


2 hours of:

  • Dress Up
  • Makeup
  • In-room photoshoot


  • manicure  (+120)
  • Drag Makeup  (+600)

selfie time

  • (+120) per extra hour
  • (+120) per extra hour



Enjoy the complete experience of creating art within a beautiful hotel.

Introductory discount!

Starting at



3 hours of:

  • Dress Up
  • Makeup
  • In-room photoshoot
  • full hotel photoshoot


  • manicure  (+100)
  • Drag Makeup  (+500)

selfie time

  • (+120) per extra hour
  • (+120) per extra hour


You're saving $300 by booking this package.

best value


Indulge in pure femininity with an evening of empathy, out in the open.

Introductory discount!

Starting at



5 hours of:

  • Dress Up
  • Makeup
  • manicure
  • In-room photoshoot
  • full hotel photoshoot
  • restaurant experience


  • Drag Makeup  (+400)

You're saving $1,000 by booking this package.


Do you have your own outfit that you’d like to model for us? Bring it in! We will do your makeup and take photos for you. If you have a special request, an idea for collaboration, or planning a special event, please let us know and we will do our best to facilitate your needs.

Your makeover may include:

  • Dress Up
  • Makeup
  • themed photoshoots
  • collaboration
  • excursions
  • events


40 minutes

dress up

15 minutes



45 minutes

full hotel


1 hour

dine in

 ≤ 2 hours

dress down

20 minutes


30 minutes

Drag makeup

1 hour

how it works

makeover offerings

You may either wear one of our maid uniforms or you can bring your own outfit.

The Deluxe Makeover package allows you to select both options, so you may borrow our stuff as needed. (wigs, shoes, boobs, etc.)

be a hotel maid

We have fancy French maid uniforms ready for you to wear, complete with everything else for a full transformation. You'll love how feminine the satin feels and looks, especially in your photos.

No need to bring anything extra!


bring your own outfit

Bring your own outfit and we'll do your makeup, help with styling, teach you how to pose like a lady, and take gorgeous photos of you en femme.

Just select this option when filling out the Booking Form - you'll see it!

booking your makeover

You can easily access the Booking Form by clicking 'GLOSS ME UP' at the top of the page, or by clicking on the first two boxes below.

check your availability

Our beauticians are busy ladies! Please add a secondary date on your Booking Form if possible. (This is optional but encouraged) Submit the Form. Your makeover is now PENDING. We will send an email to let you know we've received your booking request.

pay your deposit

If our beautician accepts your request, your makeover is now APPROVED, and you will receive a confirmation email and deposit invoice. Once the deposit is paid, your makeover status will move from APPROVED to BOOKED. You're all set!

Preparing for your makeover

Shave as much visible hair as you're comfortable with! You'll be surprised how much of a difference it can make in photos.

shave your face

Get smooth! For best results, shave against the grain if possible.

shave your legs

This is optional. If you've never tried shaving your legs before, you should!

get excited

You're about to do something that most men are afraid to do. Be proud!

makeover day

Don't be too nervous! You will look back upon today and be glad you booked a makeover with Gloss HK.

arrive on time

Meet your beautician, who will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby. You won't need to check in; she's already done that for you.

go to the room

Once you're acquainted and comfortable, your beautician will lead you to the room where your transformation will take place.

get dressed

Your beautician will have your full outfit already waiting for you in the room. Put everything on and sit down for makeup.

apply makeup

Our beauticians are specialized in shape-shifting, minimizing your masculine features and enhancing your feminine ones.

finishing touches

We'll perform the full transformation on you, paying attention to every detail. You'll look and feel more feminine than ever.

pose for photos

We'll teach you how to appear feminine while posing like a lady for photos. Arch your back, legs straight, stick your butt out, pucker up!

after your makeover

Congratulations! You've gained some empathy today. You rebelled against society's expectations & did something most men find terrifying.

leave your outfit

Leave your outfit in the lingerie bag provided. We will wash it.

back to normal

We'll help you remove every last trace of makeup before you leave.


You'll be beyond satisfied with the results of your photoshoot!

photography sessions

Our goal is to make crossdressing a casual activity - it shouldn't be as controversial as it is. To our beauticians, this is just another day at the office! We've done this a million times before and it's nothing new. We are skilled at making clients feel welcome, easing them into comfortability within their new persona, and making them feel sexy during their photoshoot. If you've never done this before, we bet you won't even recognize yourself in photos afterward.